Feast like a beast

I don’t normally fancy cake…

But when I do I bake a 30 cm cake and eat it alone

2015-01-28 23.00.44

I do not care about making a big mess


All that matters is getting a piece of the cake on a plate.

2015-01-28 23.39.47

And another piece


Add some chocolate topping


And another plate…


And another and another and another…


This is the moment I realize there is some left over chocolate I didn’t put in the cake

2015-01-29 00.03.32

Now it goes in my mouth.

Also, all the plates are dirty…



Here is where I take a moment to thank God for dishwashers, Β then press the start button.

Now I’m going to cuddle in bed with Shekinah, put on Netflix and have a lazy day.

I work hard

I’m precise

I eat right

I get 8 hours of sleep

I’m clean and tidy

So whenever I eat a 30 cm cake by myself, I have no shame. A girl needs days like these. 😊😊


22 thoughts on “Feast like a beast

      • It takes a lot of work to look gorgeous. Taking a 100 pics, picking the best 1, filtering, photoshopping then pasting Angelina Jolie’s face onto my head. πŸ™‚ I’m not gorgeous, but you are. Thanks you though, it made my day.


      • Haha I’ve learned that the first picture is always the best and three pictures is enough. Pick 1 out of the three. Photoshop is overrated, and beauty is you. You are bloody gorgeous. I mean it. Love xx


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