Why haute couture?

The majority of people might think it is insane to spend millions on a dress, and this has brought up the question, why haute couture?’

In my opinion haute couture is an investment piece, it fits like a second skin, it is unique, it is high fashion made completely by hand and there is nothing like it.

Most people ask the question, how much does a dress cost? Well, prices differ. Although it is of unimportance. The first time I went haute couture shopping I noticed that there where no price tags on the dresses. I later discovered it is because the dresses are seen as priceless. Rather a masterpiece than just a dress. However, the master piece does cost a bit. If ever you go for haute couture shopping, keep in mind that the embroidered pieces will naturally be more expensive than the other dresses, as embroidered dresses takes longer to make. Also the shape & style of the pieces can indicate how much a piece will cost.

The first time I fitted on haute couture I fell in love. It was at one of my modelling shoots. I fell in love and never looked back. Truely,  I’m a very feminine female.

The question ‘why haute couture?’  answer itself:

Why haute couture? Simply because it’s haute couture.

Here are some of my favorite designs that are in the 2015 collection from different designers:

Eli Saab fall winter 2015 collection



Chanel spring collection 2015






Lorena Sarbu resort 2015


My all time favorite by Lorena Sarbu (not from the 2015 collection) :


Have a lovely day 😚


3 thoughts on “Why haute couture?

  1. As someone who isn’t very well versed in fashion, I’ve wondered this a lot. This was very interesting and definitely gave me a different perspective on haute couture clothing! And I love Elie Saab’s work! As well as Zuhair Murad.


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