Favorites of the Vera Wang’s spring edition 2015 / review

One of the many reasons Vera Wang is one of my favorite designers, plainly and straightforwardly, she makes fashion works for her. She reminds me of the phrase ‘Fall seven times, get up eight.’ When her career in figure skating did not work out, she focused her energy on what would work out.Many people have talent, but not many have good character – and that shows good character. Since then she has become an editor at Vogue,  design director at Ralph Lauren and started designing her own  wedding gown and the rest is history.

The collection consists of girl meets boy. There is a blurred line as Wang used techniques that she uses in bridal wear to create the prism of tailored and soft presentations. I love the touch of middle-waist belts, transparent reflecting fabric and floral.

These are my favorite picks of the spring 2015 collection.






You can view the full range here: http://www.verawang.com/EN/fashion/collections/spring-2015


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