Does size matter?


With statements like these we can’t help but ask the question: Have we as a generation become so insecure that we cannot feel good about ourselves unless we make the person different from us feel bad about themselves? ”

Although humans are the most intelligent specie yet discovered,  we have come to the point where we value ‘things’ above a person.

This statement screams of insecurity.  If we are secure in ourselves, we would not feel the need to make someone else feel bad about themselves. If you are skinny, why would you feel the need to assumed dominant position? If you are curvy, why would you insult skinny women? It may stem from jealousy or frustration that there are skinny women trying to pick up weight, but their kinesiology won’t allow it, and vice versa.

Some other reason that comes into play here is also our history. In the past skinny woman has been seen as the more sexier female and muscled men as the more handsome men.   With the music culture emphasising the ‘booty’ , the idea of curvy women has been more accepted. Artist such as Beyonce, who has a lot of influence in the music industry, has helped a lot in empowering curvy women. One of the many good things about our culture today is that, slowly but surely the image of ‘only skinny girls are pretty’ is being destroyed. But at what cost? Hopefully not at the cost of destroying the next person, who in fact,  has no say in his/her genes.

Does size matter?  I’m not ignorant to the power of being ‘sexy’ and ‘attractive’ You are allowed to prefer one body type above another, but the next time you do remember: Real women/men like whatever they want, and do not call other women/men bones and another person a dog.


2 thoughts on “Does size matter?

  1. Mmmmmm…. I spoke to a girl just the other day well she’s actually a grown woman. She like so many other woman the perfect name should look and behave like the men in twighlight. You know all don’t touch my hair and clean shaved. I said to her that doesn’t make a man it actually emasculates what real men should be. I said to her a man a really man can only be judged by the size of his heart. I know this blog is about appearance but to me the size of your heart counts. That makes a woman to me. She will be drenched in proverbs 31……kinds like you. You a real woman!

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