Things I wish I knew when I was younger

About mothers: Sometimes people can love you, but not really like you. You can try your best-bend over backwards and become what you think they want. You can change everything about yourself, and still not be enough, because the problem was never you.

About guys: Even the good ones will say things you want to hear, and swear on the bible that they love you, but really they are no different from your rivals.

About university: Don’t study what you get the highest grades in, study what you are passionate about.

About humans: We all are just human.

About yourself: Take care of yourself, because if you don’t,  no one else will.

About life: It is not fair.

About God:  Relationship with God is a journey.



2 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew when I was younger

  1. I feel you on the doing all you can for the next person and all they say is Ok. Not even a thank you. Those who do care about you they the ones who will call you out of no where just to hear if you alright


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