A letter to my kitty

Over the past few days I’ve concluded what I represent to you.

Your sleeping buddy- I feel very honored that you chose me out of all your options. I know Pooh and Tom the two bears are very upset that you chose me,as we kick them off the bed at night. Now I know what it feels like to wake up at 5am with a kiss, sometimes a lick and the occasional scratch.

Your tour guide- As we are always moving, I constantly need to introduce you to new places. Which is fine… but not after you’ve met the mouse and the grasshopper.  I am not that brave. Honestly, let’s never walk through a field again.

Your chef-  Canned Food?  No. Fish? Yes. Cooked fish, raw fish, tuna, fish& chips. Any fish, is a yes please in meow language. Thank you for making my life easier. It’s a nice feeling when someone appreciates what you cooked for them.

Your personal trainer- When I worship and lift up my hands to God, you seem to be thinking this is an exercise time, the way you chase my shadow on the wall.  However, the occasional meow let’s me know I’m not worshipping alone. You know what God says ‘Where two or three gathers in my name there I am’ well, me + you makes two so…

I can make a long list of things I THINK  I represent to you but I’m SURE that you represent to me a long prayed for friend. Indeed the moment I got you, my life changed. You scratched the only Ellie Saab dress I had, no more sleeping late, touching Pooh Pooh, decision between buying a coke or food for you- resulted in drinking less coke.

You challenge me in all ways. You make me become more myself. You brought a lot of love, joy and acceptance to my life.

So, would I mind being a 80 year old lady with 100 cats?

No, no I wouldn’t.  🙂

My kitty

My kitty, Shekinah


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