My dream wardrobe

Normally,  I would choose a wardrobe like this:


But since Makespace asked me to create my dream wardrobe,  I immediately knew I will not be describing a walk-in closet,  but rather a walk-around closet.  Something like this:


Yes,  a complete luxury floor dedicated to my clothes.

I would decorate it with French style furniture. There would be a couple of these chairs/couches:




I would have a bookshelf with my fashion books:


There would definitely be a fridge where I store my champagne. Being in this wardrobe should be a celebration.


Big mirrors are a must


Music to set the mood


Time, because I do respect being on time


A work space.  Since I’m a fashion/ lifestyle blogger. Why not get inspired by the space around me?


A pin wall.  To pin ideas and inspiration on.


Lights everywhere.  Because I love GOOD lighting. It’s important to see how I look. Chandeliers for the mood.



And copper lights


The space my clothes are,  should have all forms of storage: hang space,  pack space,  shoe space,  bag space etc. Something like this:


These would be some of the clothes



Last but not least,  a BIG FAT LOCKER,  so that no one can go in to my haven. 😉


*All pictures are from Pinterest.


Ways of loving

My Grandma’s house was a tiny house. The neighbourhood situated in was made out of tiny houses with no character. The people living in the houses had enough character for themselves and their small buildings.

People didn’t have much money, but no one ever starved. The women were always cooking things in big pots. On some days it was chicken, and on other days, it was the feet of the chicken. It never bothered the men, because they drank so much that they forgot to eat.

I loved sitting in the little room. It was the only room we had upstairs. We were the only people in the neighbourhood with an upstairs room. Everyone around us had tiny houses with no staircases inside.

‘Why do we have a room upstairs grandma?’ I would ask as a child.

‘…Because rich people have a double story house.’ I told your grandfather if he could drink like a rich man, then I want to live like a wealthy woman.’

‘Well Loa, how does a rich woman live?’ he would ask her.
‘I don’t know Belial. When I was a teenager I use to clean the houses of the rich people. I saw they had a double story house, a door bell, and two-ply toilet paper.’

The next day my grandfather went to the mountain to carve stone blocks. My grandfather never attended school, but he was excellent in geometry. The stones were perfect in shape and fit perfectly in relation to everything. ‘It is the flower of life’ he would tell me whenever I asked him about his perfect stone craft.

He built a tiny room on top of our house. He sold the other stones that were left over, installed a doorbell and bought two-ply toilet paper.

Although my grandfather beat the living hell out of my grandmother, he would always give her whatever she wanted. He went to the forest and got some wood. He sold it to have money every month for the two-ply toilet paper.

The women in our neighbourhood all envied my grandparent’s relationship. I remember one day my grandpa took the empty bottle of Whiskey and slammed the neck of the bottle across the table. Only sharp splinters remained of what was seconds before the neck of the bottle. He took the bottle and hit my grandma across the face with it. Afterwards, he beat her and bruised her.

As this was happening, the neighbour who was unaware of the fight came for her normal day to day visit. She rang the doorbell. When I opened, I motioned to her that my grandpa was inside and that he was beating my grandma. She found my grandma with a bruised face. Then she went to the bathroom and fetched some toilet paper to help stop the bleeding.

‘Ah, you are very lucky to have a husband like yours, he installed a doorbell for your house, and even the toilet paper I am using is two ply! What a great man he is,’ she said with an envious voice while carefully putting a bandage over my grandma’s beaten eye.

‘Yes, he is. He genuinely loves me! Do you want to see the little room he built for me upstairs?’ my grandma said as she removed the last splinters from her face.

And they both walked upstairs, my grandma leaning on her neighbour, in awe of the loving man my grandfather was.

*This is an excerpt from my book I wrote*

My Second book published! :)


I’m at two places in my life I thought I’d never be: Holding my second published book in my hand… and having an ice cold beer next to me on my desk.

Well, the book you can understand, but the beer probably needs some explaining.

My husband got some beer at work for Christmas. It’s been standing here the entire time and today, the first day it snows in The Netherlands, he decides to crack it open. 🙂

That brings me to where I am now. In front of this computer, sharing the good news with you.

Yes, my book is published. The first thing I did, after I stared at my name on the book for 5minutes was, smelling the pages. I’m a bit of a book- smeller addict.

It’s like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, snowy night- always welcome.

My book is called ‘Spiritual understanding’. You can check it out on this youtube video I made. I talk about what’s inside the book.

And if you want to buy it, it’s available here:

Happy living,
Chantal xx

Contact lenses review- Solotica

Hey lovers!

My Solotica contact lenses arrived. I’ll write a review about it in this post. But first, check out the video I made of it. 🙂


Well, welcome back. Did you enjoy the video?

So, like I’ve said here’s the review.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. I bought the lenses myself.


Why I choose Solotica contact lenses?
My eyes have always been a little blurry, but nothing too bad. But ever since 5yars ago, it became worse. Something that most of you might not know about me is that I wear glasses. Of course not when I take my pictures etc.

I forgot my glasses in South Africa, so when it was time to get new glasses I opted for contact lenses, and if I’m going to get contact lenses, why not experiment with colour?

I did research and discovered that I don’t like coloured contact because all of it looked scary on people.That was it until I saw the Solotica contact lenses.
They are the closest to natural eyes that are on the market.

The Company I bought from:

Since I’m in The Netherlands, it would make sense for me to order from a company close to me. All the other companies were in Brazil. I found a company online; based in the UK, and the shipping was free.

I do not regret buying from them. I received my package before the estimated time.

I could also track my package. The tracking number was free. The Company Do door-to-door delivery, and it’s a signed box.

About the lens:
The lenses are comfortable. The first time I’ve put it on, my eyes teared-up, but after 2minutes I hardly remembered that I had the lenses in my eyes.

The colour:
I have the Natural cristal colour. It is beautiful. My natural eye colour is brown, and the contact covers it well.

How long it lasts:
On the website, it says it lasts about 6-12months.

What came in the package:
The lenses and a lens case

Let me know if there are any other questions! 🙂

Adjusting to different cultures

It’s been a month that I’ve been in The Netherlands. I’m not one to miss my family, friends and country easily. I think it’s because I’ve travelled often and I’m used to being away.

No on second thought, I think it’s because whenever I left, I was fed-up of the people and the country. It’s harsh words to say, but it’s true. I love my country and my people, but sometimes a girl just got to leave. There’s a lot of worlds to see out there.


As you know, I’ve been travelling for the past 5years and not once did I miss home. I might miss my cats, but that’s about it.

I think it’s the realisation that I’m married now and that I’m living in The Netherlands never to return entirely to the place I called home, South Africa.

Family and friends said getting used to the Dutch culture would be the tricky part. But I’ve noticed that’s not true. The Dutch culture is nothing too weird. So far, I’ve not seen much difference in the way I grew up and the way they are.

Of course, I did not grow up with a special cardboard for chocolate, which is refilled every time it’s empty. Neither did we have ten different tea’s to choose from in the house. I’m used to Rooibos and 5roses; that’s it.

The main difference here, as I see it, is the people here have more, but in fact, they remain people.

I’m always intrigued by how similar people are. With my travels through Europe and Africa, I’ve noticed that humans are more similar than one might think. Yes, some have more than others, different physical features, they have their various ways, different thinking, etc.

But wherever I went I’ve found that humans have an underlining bond that makes us human. I’ve noticed that all humans have similar needs, wants and hopes. We have a need to be loved, hope to be accepted and want to be understood.

I love it here in The Netherlands.

Happy living! 🙂

Chantal xx

Making money blogging- Great networks to join

It’s been two years since I’ve started this blog, and up until today the question I get frequently is ‘How do you make money blogging? ‘

I understand this question.  Some people ask out of curiosity, but there are some genuine folk wondering how to get on the network band.


The amount of time that’s put into writing posts,  getting good pictures and adding  interesting content is time consuming.  Then comes the blogging cost,  if you want to upgrade your blog, such as an pleasant theme to look at,  your domain name,  your yearly subscription etc.

If you’re reading this post and you say ‘Yes this is me’. Then you are at the right place.

I will list some of my favourite networks to join.


Clever girls collective

Be blogalicious

Stiletto Media 



Mom bloggers club

So,  what are you waiting for? 🙂 Get clicking

Happy living!




ITALY- street style #ootd

Hey lovers.

I’ve been in Italy a week and I love the street style the Italians have. So,  I’ve base my #ootd on Italian street style.


I’ve noticed that there’s a few reoccurring clothing items on the street which is:

Statement bag, Heels and sunglasses


I wore my LV handbag,  with some enkle black boots and my dusty gold sunglasses.

Leather jacket


I love this leather jacket.  It comes with a grey hoodie attached,  but you can unzip the hood if you want to go more formal. In this look I’ve kept it zipped and paired a grey knitted vest with it.

Skinny jeans/ leggings


I love my leggings because it is so comfortable.  These leggings were made to look like jeans but with the comfort of leggings.

Ever been to Italy?  What’s your favourite Italian street style look?

I hope you enjoy it:)