The good type of exhaustion

I love these type of days.


Yesterday we went to the in-laws for Father’s day and it’s was amazing. We got to see the family and that’s always lovely.



My mother-in law and myself


It was a beautiful summer’s day, the tables were outside. We were all sitting around and chatting. Ate some lovely chocolate cake and Dutch pancakes.

When we got home it was about 22:00pm and I was completely exhausted. And that’s what I love. The type of day where I’m completely exhausted at the end of it. I cannot get over how light it still is at night in The Netherlands. It’s just before 22:00pm in these pictures and videos.

My husband and I still watch a documentary but I fell asleep half way. And was woken up the next morning with his soft kisses on my cheek.

Later today, after work, we went to the park for a picnic and some Kung fu for him. The scenery was beautiful.

Now I’m in bed typing this post and I’m exhausted. The good type of exhaustion.

All I can be is happy and grateful.




Kylie Jenner Birthday edition colors review 2017


youtube picHey lovers!

I’ve decided to jump on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon and give it a go with the 6 mini matte lipsticks. I didn’t want to pay $29 for a lip kit if I wasn’t sure what type of quality it is. I’m not in it for the name, you know? I need that good quality products be it drugstore or high end make up.

Nonetheless, here’s the video with the swatches. What do you think of the Candy K on me?


Get to know me (Reintroduce myself in case you forgot)

Hello! I’m Chantal and I like things.

What kind of things? Beautiful things.

I think it started  with my first white dress, when I was born in a little town in South Africa.


I discovered this world has a lot of beautiful things… that I can eat.




And that wild curls are beautiful


But I had to spread my wings and discovered what’s on the other side of the world. Are there beautiful things in Switzerland too?


Turns out the most beautiful thing I ever saw was there…his name is Marcel.


He asked me for a walk…down the aisle.

I said YES .. I love taking walks.


Now we live in The Netherlands, in his home town. Taking a rest from all those walks 😉


Now you know a little about me.

SO, why this blog? Let’s just say I never stopped liking beautiful things.

Here’s where I post all my wishlists, reviews,clothes etc! 🙂 Hope to see you around xx



1Hey lovers!

If you’ve been a regular Youtube watcher, you probably know the feeling you get when you find a Youtuber that you like. Someone new and refreshing.

I had that experience this week when I discovered Misss Louie on Youtube. You can see she’s put a  lot of time and effort into her videos and I like her style. The end product of her videos are always so beautiful.

The best part of her videos is, I’ve discovered a new online store.

Here’s my wishlist for today! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed curating it!
Chantal xx


I like the lace on this top. It can be worn as elegant, with a nude tank top underneath, but can be switched up to a more sexy look, if you decide to wear a white bra underneath.

The best part? The PRICE: US16$
find it here:

I like that at the review section of the clothes, people who’ve bought the clothes before  post pictures in the item they’ve bought.


I simply love this swimsuit because it will fit well on my body. I like it because it doesn’t show too much skin, yet has a sexy element-the see through mash fabric.

Also, it will hide the stretch marks on my sides.

Price: us$ 18

The price for me is still a bit high. I can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. Or can I?



I like the colour of the shoe. This colour will go with so many of my clothes.

And I’m a fan of the block heel. When I was younger I loved the thin heel, but my feet does not last 20min in that type of heels anymore.


I’m not ready to spent US$36 dollars on a shoe.
But that’s why it’s on my wishlist and not in my
shopping cart! Chic shoe though! 🙂


















































Things I lie about


People often ask me ‘It must be nice traveling across the world so often.’ I see my friends get excited when I pack my bags, getting ready to climb the next flight. And I smile and say ‘Yeah, I’m so privileged. It’s very nice.’

Because traveling is supposed to be nice. Right? New cities, new faces, beaches, and faces?

I hate it. There I said it.

You will not believe where I am typing this blog post. No, not cuddled up in bed with my husband. I took 1hour drive to the airport, 14hours on the plane and one hour to a town= 16hours away from my husband. On the other side of the planet.


Yes, I know only three weeks ago, I went back to The Netherlands. And here I am on the next plane again. I’ve meant for this blog to feature more fashion and lifestyle but it has turned into a travel blog. Not on purpose.

The universe has a funny way of doing things. I’m the only one in my family that I know that really hates traveling, local or international, but I travel more than everyone.

I have anxiety about traveling, my life lately has been one big traumatic event and I’m smiling in all the pictures. There’s something disturbing about that.

If you are new to my blog, you might wonder if I have a job that requires me to travel. No, I don’t. Then why do I travel?

I use to travel for missionary work. I’ll almost never do that again. I’m still raw about it, but when I’ve gotten a hold on my emotions I’ll write a blog post about why after 4years I’m out of missionary for good.

Then I traveled for studies, like the writing school in Switzerland etc.

For holidays.

For love. My then boyfriend, which became my fiance and now my husband, is from The Netherlands. He’s a traveler himself. I was with him in Italy and we traveled a while. Now we settled in The Netherlands. (Where he’s from)

I’m often asked about my travels and I flat out lie because people expect it to be brilliant. I don’t want to be morbid about it. I’m an introvert and traveling is so excruciating for me.

So here’s things I lie about when asked about my travels. And no I’m not going to put out a disclaimer such as ‘I know I’m lucky to travel blah blah but I’m not ungrateful blah blah blah’

I’m super-ungrateful.

Let me take you on my journeys.

Applying for visa’s

I hate applying for visa’s (foreign countries) The documents you have to collect. Who made the world? The different governments of different countries who now requires us to enter space with a document.


I’ve come to a point where the only constant thing in my suitcase is my hair curler and clean underwear.

When my journey of traveling started in 2012 I use to do research on the country. What’s the weather like? What food do they eat? What type of shops do they have? Then pack accordingly. Now I just throw in a tank top, long sleeved sweater, jacket, and black leggings. A pair of boots and a pair of sandals. Everything black of course. Whatever I need I’ll get where I’m going or live without it.

I’ve learned there are many things one can live without, without dying, and live quite comfortably.

Arriving at the airplane.

There’s wisdom in arriving 3hours before the time for international flights. You never know how long you will wait in line to get searched or scanned. Like David Icke said ‘They either molested you or put rays in your body.’

Check-in- I check in online. Everything I can do online, I do it. Print boarding pass, print ticket etc. If I could fly online, I would.


you go through security, you have to take out your electronic devices out of your bag, and put it in those baskets to be scanned. You have to take off your jacket, shoes, put makeup in those tiny small plastic bags, throw away any liquids. Even if you just bought your Coca-Cola or water.


Passport control. Where you go again, just to wait in line and get a stamp.

Finally, look for your boarding gate. And wait until boarding time.

On the plane

When people ask me ‘How does it feel to fly on a plane?’ I say ‘It’s amazing’ but actually it’s it feels like sitting in a car that goes really fast, so fast that you forget that you are in the car and it’s moving. The times the wind pushes against the plane, is the only times I feel excited in the plane.

If you are an economic flyer, like me, I don’t mind the small seats and some days I don’t mind strangers but siting in a chair for 14hours straight. That’s the point that breaks me.

No, there I go, lying again.

The point that breaks me is CONNECTING FLIGHTS

I hate it.

The airport I hate the most for connection flights?

PARIS CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT. I’m not even going to type anything because I might throw this laptop throw the window thinking about it.

The plane lands. You have to unbuckle your seat belt. Wait for your turn to get out. Get out. Go through passport control again, figure out where to find your luggage. And sometimes they lose it. Like Mine now at this moment. They’ve lost it. But I’m getting it back tomorrow.

But then…

You walk through the door.You see your husband’s eyes tear up. You are home. Everything was worth it.

I’ll do it all over again. One anxiety attack at a time.